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China thermage machine for home use
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  • Thermage Skin Treatment Machine  clilck here for more

    The rf technology reconstruction principle of the skin

    Rf system in 1 second internal energy will be treated areas the fields in biological tissues electrical polarity is millions of times, the organization of charged particles with the same frequency to produce fast distribution of Brownian motion, make the organization produces cylindrical heat and destroy the hydrogen bonding structure of collagen, so as to change three helical structure of collagen molecules, causing the immediacy of the contraction of collagen, realize instantly firming effect; Circulatory system resulting in mild-to-moderate thermal damage dermal tissue, similar to the three stages of the wound healing, inflammation, proliferation, reshape the stage), to improve the shape of the leather to restore, so as to realize the reconstruction of the skin and restore at the same time, effectively remove wrinkles, severe, the effect lasting.

    Thermage Skin Treatment Machine  clilck here for more

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