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  • The average cost of spider vein treatment is $351Spider vein treatment costs can vary widely. The aforementioned amount is the national average surgeon/physician fee only and does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

    Prices for spider vein procedures can vary widely. A surgeon’s cost may vary based on his or her experience, the type of procedure used, as well as geographic location. Many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans, so be sure to ask.

    Spider vein treatment costs may include:

    • Surgeon’s fee
    • Surgical facility costs
    • Prescriptions for medication
    • Post-treatment garments, and
    • Medical tests

    Most health insurance plans will not cover spider vein treatment, related complications or another procedure to revise the appearance of your legs. You must carefully review your health insurance policy.

    Your satisfaction involves more than a fee. When choosing a plastic surgeon for spider vein treatment, remember that the surgeon’s experience and your comfort with him or her are just as important as the final cost of the procedure.

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