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  • As 75 percent of people over the age of sixty-five know, veins that have become swollen, raised, and snakelike are called Spider Veins. If one or more of the one-way valves in superficial veins no longer functions normally, the blood headed back to the heart can pool or even flow backward. This stretches the vein and makes it impossible for other nearby valves to close properly as well. The vein becomes swollen and kinked, and blood stagnates in the vein. The veins turn purple, dark blue, or cranberry in color. You can use home remedies spider veins to treat and reduce this condition.

    Spider Veins are most common on the thighs, the backs of the calves, the insides of the legs, and the ankles. In addition to being cosmetically displeasing, Spider Veins often feel heavy, burn, itch, or throb, and the feet and ankles can swell.

    The legs may feel hot and heavy and become sensitive to pressure. Symptoms generally worsen during the day, especially with prolonged standing.

    The severity of the appearance of the Spider Veins does not necessarily correspond to the severity of the associated pain and soreness.

    People with only a few visible varicosities can suffer from severe pain from them.
    Spider Veins run in families, and affect women more frequently because of premenstrual or menopausal hormones, birth control pills, and pregnancy. In fact, they occur in 40 percent of pregnant women. Other factors that contribute to Spider Veins include advancing age, muscular atrophy in the legs, poor circulation, smoking, prolonged bed rest, overweight, lack of exercise, prolonged standing or sitting, tight clothing, high heels, excessive heavy lifting, and chronic constipation.

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