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    Portable Hair Removal Elight Machine CE Approval 1.IPL machine 2.Remove hair 3.Tender Skin

    Hair Removal IPL Machine CE Approval

    Applications: 1.Hair removal

    2.Skin rejuvenation 3.Acne treatment 4.Deep flecks/superficial flecks/whiten/vascular 5.Wrinkle/smooth-face/face-lifting

    Main Functions:

    1.Skin rejuvenation: elight will stimulate collagen proliferation, make skin tightening and lifting. 2.Wrinkle removal: elight removes wrinkles effectively. 3.Spot removal: elight can reach the epidermis and dermis, break down abnormal pigment cells, then, slowly eliminate from the body. 4.Red capillary and acne: elight will close abnormal blood vessels, clean the skin, kill acne bacillus, making the skin more glossy and soft. 5.Hair removal: E-light will destroy the hair follicle, then, achieve permanent hair removal effect 6.Cellulite removal: elight can remove cellulite tissue, remain in a good shape.

    Main Features:

    1.High-efficiency and comfort. 2.Easy operation easy-learned interface design free person to machine communication. 3.Easy pull and push interface design with self distinguish function. 4.Portable appearance design and folding colorful touch screen fashion design. 5.Safety and non-wound.

     IPL beauty machine

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