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  • Adopting cavitations effect to destroy the stubborn fat and orange fat in non-invasive way effectively. Ultrasound produces an implosion effect on the liquid, means that a large number of intermicellar space come into being in the liquid when the wave explodes and compresses. These micro-gaps are full of gas and steam. In the compression cycle period the ultrasound has a positive pressure effect on the liquid molecules while in the expansion cycle period the ultrasound has a negative pressure effect on them. There is cohesion in the biological tissue and liquid. However, different densities of the organizations; Intermolecular bonding force is not the same. In the lower density of adipose tissue, molecular bonding will be weak, the lower negative pressure the ultrasound produced makes it form interstitial space. It is called "hole phenomenon" in the Physical Science. The explosion of the intermicellar space inside and outside of the cells makes the cells move actively to a high energy level until the breakdown of cells. As a result of the low density of fat cells, the first leads to the breakdown of fat cells.
    1). Do not heave at the line of power and accessories, in order to avoid breaking.
    2). Please clean the head or locating plate by soft cloth and put them on the Frame at once after you finished the treatment.
    3). Do not clean the equipment by Chemical Reagents.
    4). Do not knock the Touch Screen heavily.
    5). Please avoid the intense vibrating and bumping during shipping the equipment.
    6). FORBID taking down the equipment by yourself.
    7). Do not operating it exceed the specified voltage and frequency.
    8). Please POWER-OFF when the equipment has finished the work at once.

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