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a-1).Through light pyrolysis principle, using intense pulsed light can act directly on the skin, make skin lesions on the solar energy selective absorption to the treatment of a variety of tissues, and do not damage normal skin tissue.

b-2).RF through the skin directly in the dermis, activation of dermal cells allow water molecules are high-speed vibration friction energy, when the local to about 60 °C (subcutaneous gusts of warm sense) dermal collagen immediately convergence and activation of long-term growth so as to improve the convergence of the skin and anti-aging effect of living color.

IPL skin rejuvenation machine
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Scope of Treatment

a-1. Pigmented lesion treatment:Spotted skin, skin patches, senile plaque

b-2. Treatment of lesions:Capillary dilation, skin redness and acne rosacea causes red nose

c-3. Skin treatment:Skin whitening, increase the elasticity of the skin, shrink pores

d-4. Hair removal:Get rid of unwanted hair

e-5. Eye box:Soften fine lines, improve the eye.

f-6. The forehead and temple:Improvement in wrinkles, eyebrow, put on the eyelids

g-7. Cheeks:Improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, soften acne treatment, change a shallow concave hole, tighten the lower face

h-8. Neck:Improvement in wrinkles, improve the turkey neck (double chin)

i-9. Face:Brow, eye, jaw line, chin lift tightening

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