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a.-Skin care and rejuvenation
b.-Blood vessels removal
c.-Dispelling epidermal pigmentation
d.-Dispelling the spots and freckle
e.-Treating acne scar
-Vascular lesion treatment
Facial toning device represents a breakthrough in the skin care market.A micro phototherapy device for skin rejuvenation facial toning device can be used either as a stand along treatment or packaged as part of a more comprehensive skin care program.In clinical trials,skin histology showed an increase in the density of organized collagen

fibers and the formation of new collagen after a course of treatment with the device.These improvements resulted in the rejuvenation of the skin's appearance and an improvement in overall skin texture and fine linesFacial Toning Device is a non-invasive Light and Heat based device that is designed to initiate regeneration in the dermism, rejuvenating the skin's appearance and leading to the toning and tightening of the skin and the improvement of skin texture.Facial Toning Device is made up of three main components; the Base, on which is located the control panel and power switch (on/off). the Handpiece with the replaceable LUD and the power cord. The control panel contains indicator lights for power,  ready, and charging. There is also a mute switch, and energy level settings for low, medium and high.

IPL skin rejuvenation machine
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